About Us

We are your cybersecurity partner.

We drive our Customers in the digital transformation.

We are traditionally innovators.

About Us

We are a consulting company,
specialized in cybersecurity.

Our Expertise

25 years of experience in the world of cybersecurity, with an innovative spirit.


What we do

We drive our Customers,
defining tailor-made projects and services.

Our Methodology

At the base of our methodology there are two key concepts: an overview and an analytical vision. We deal with each project by providing our interlocutors with an overview of the whole. We then dwell on the individual aspects by analyzing them in depth according to a vertical approach. To give value to this process, there is a team of professionals from different backgrounds, who drive our Customers towards the set goals.

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Support

Our Expertise

Since 1994 we have been collaborating with large international and Italian companies from different markets. Therefore, we are honored to be able to boast a recognized experience and expertise in most banking and financial, automotive, insurance, luxury and fashion, services and products. 

  • Strategic consulting related to innovation
  • Digital ecosystem
  • Digital transformation
  • 360-degree security

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Centro Galleria 2
via Cantonale, 4
6928 Manno - CH

+41 (91) 6109602

+41 (79) 5912504


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